Foundation Members

Titans are happy to recognise the following coaches and athletes as the 2013 foundation members of Titans Netball Club.

Team 1

Malcolm Wright – Coach
Whitney Barron – Manager
Karlie Begbie
Nat Billi
Monique Cartledge
Lauren Chaplin
Gail Duffy
Amy Elfenbien
Siobhan Goodwin
Sophie Maquire
Jess McKemmish
Louise Musgrave
Ashlee Turnbull
Ash Wright


Team 2

Warren Wheatley – Coach
Deb Casey – Manager
Bryanna Bartel
Shannyn Casey
Louise Counsel
Martina Halusek
Sasha Sing
Rhiannon Wheatley
Bianca Van Der Westhuizen
Mia Vukovic
Danielle Wolfe
Shae Woodward
Samantha Wyndham


Team 3

Colin Smith – Coach
Julie Crichton – Manager
Kayla Andela
Maddie Bradford
Amy Connell
Ellie Crichton
Kiara Daly
Bianca D’Vries
Keleigh Moore
Libby Ormsby-Smith
Alana Pollock
Amanda Ross
Te Ata Tumata