Registrations & Fees


Registrations will open on January 1,  using the following link

We are looking for players in the following age groups;

Year 5 and 6

12 and Under

13 and Under

15 and Under

18 and Under


Please email us, for registration details.


Fees are as listed below, a $100 deposit is required.  Fees need to be paid in full by the 1st May.

We are a KidSport Club, if you intend to apply for KidSport Assistance, you are only required to pay a deposit of $65.00.  Please email our treasurer, to advise.



Juniors –  (aged 10-17 as at 31/12/19)


Open Players (aged 18 and above as at 31/12/19)


Coach, Umpire and Committee Discounts

Players that wish to coach teams will have their fees reduced by $100. In this instance the discount will be the clubs gift to the player for coaching.  If two players jointly coach a team, both players will receive the discount.

Players that wish to umpire for the club, we are happy to discuss discounts on fees in exchange for reduced umpiring payments.

Players that are active on the committee will have their fees reduced by $100. In this instance the discount will be the clubs gift to the player for being on the committee.

The club is happy to allow coaches or umpires who don’t play for the club, but that have children playing for the club, to have a similar discount applied to their child.

Multiple discounts can apply.


Payment can be made online when registering, however a surcharge is charged by the provider. We do not add any additional charges to this.  Our bank details are included on the registration link to allow direct debit.

Our preference is to not receive payments in cash.

Payment arrangements are available, to apply email